Our counselors are here to assist our clients in working through all of their options with compassion and care. Each session is tailored to meet the specific spiritual, physical, emotional, relational, and financial needs of each client. All services are free and confidential. 


Care Clinic

The Client Care Clinic provides much needed education to our clients concerning healthy pregnancies, nutrition, and infant CPR. They also regularly check client vitals such as blood pressure, pulse, and weight. The Care Clinic helps to build a bridge between patient and physician. The nursing staff and assistants encourage clients to discuss their concerns with their attending physicians, and to seek medical care from their doctors in a timely manner, to prevent issues before they arise.

Earn While You Learn

The “Earn While You Learn” parenting program is offered to all clients of the WEC. Each class contains lesson plans and videos on a variety of parenting and childcare subjects. Our counselors work with each client and fit the program to meet the needs of each individual client. Our program is offered from the time a client joins until one year after their child is born.                                        

Ready to Learn

Our new “Ready to Learn” program provides early childhood education for children, ages 2-4, while their mothers are enrolled in our program. Each hour long session includes a featured story, a related literacy activity, as well as crafts, to enhance fine and gross motor skills. The purpose of the “Ready to Learn” program is to provide an early childhood educational foundation for kindergarten and beyond, to better ensure educational success.