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The Women’s Enrichment Center opened its doors in 1998. We have had the privilege of serving thousands of young women and their families facing an unplanned pregnancy. Our services are available regardless of income, race or religion. We serve the cities of Lancaster, Kershaw, Heath Springs, Great Falls, and Indian Land. Our mission is to serve and empower women. Through our numerous free programs

and services, we strive to: 

Extend Compassion, Provide Hope, Save Lives, Strengthen Families

We have been committed to assisting our clients with their

emotional, physical, spiritual, relational, and financial needs in a

caring and compassionate environment. Our goal is for each client

to know they are loved, valued, and important, and that they have

a purpose. Together, we strive to assist our clients in becoming productive, and self-sustaining individuals. 

We are here to assist our clients in accomplishing their life goals.

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