Hey there!!

I just wanted to give you a quick update on the Women’s Enrichment Center and how COVID 19 is responding.

I am the client counselor

and Sheila Stein is client services/intake coordinator at the Women’s Enrichment Center. Over the last few weeks, we have been adhering to the national and state requirements and regulations during the current pandemic that has affected not only the globe, but our community as well. We, just like many others, have been challenged to learn new and creative ways to minister to our staff, clients, and our community. God is teaching and strengthening us in the areas of patience with these new processes, as well as our personal and corporate resilience. This has been a learning curve for everyone! I promise, the ministry at the WEC and Lotus Boutique and Designs has not stopped. I continue to be in contact with our clients both individually and we are also learning to encourage each other through communication as a group. Each Friday, Sheila and I go to the center to pack essential needs for the clients. The center and all donations have been sanitized properly and we are practicing social distancing. We set a time for pick-up and the clients drive up in their car and inform us by text of their arrival. We drop a bag off at their car and then return to the porch to chat and pray while they stay in their car. It does my heart good to put eyes on them each Friday and to be able to continue to meet not only their basic needs, but their most intimate needs as well.

Update: Two new babies have been born during COVID 19 and a few more are scheduled to deliver this month. One of those new Moms delivered her baby a little prematurely and returned home from the hospital to an unsafe environment. I was extremely burdened for this young Mom and her new baby. Through prayer and our continued support, she is now with a family member where she is safe and receiving much needed physical and emotional provision.

Many of our clients already live in a state of anxiety and this season of uncertainty has certainly created an even deeper level of anxiety…I am attempting to alleviate those anxieties as much as possible by staying in touch with them consistently, sharing encouragement and Scripture with them, as well as sharing resources.

It is so vitally important for our contributors and community to know that even though the WEC is not physically open right now, we will continue the ministry that God has specifically and strategically called us to. We will continue to meet the physical and emotional needs of our clients, as well as providing resources and referrals where needed. This is only a season and God has a divine purpose in everything. Pray for the spiritual needs of our clients. Pray for opportunities to continue to share the Gospel as we pray for them and that their hearts will be receptive to hear and receive His promises and His peace in their lives.

Stay faithful, we are staying faithful here. We are grateful for your support, contribution, and your prayers. We love you all, be blessed!

Lisa & Sheila